Friday, March 21, 2014

Mrs. Vincenzi "Happy Dancing"
This week went by so fast!

 We started our week with a new spelling list focusing on suffixes. We also continued to work on our book report Google slide shows. We needed to create slides that talked about setting, characters and their traits, theme and figurative language. We also got to work with graphics and animation on our slides.
     We continued our week by finishing our explorer research with Mr. Smith and then began the writing of the the report with Mrs. Rollins. She had a graphic organizer on our Google drive that we are typing our paragraphs in. When we are done with that, we will take the information and make a picture book in the end. On Friday, we shared our completed slide shows with other 5th grade classrooms. We all read about a lot of new books that we would like to read in the future.
"Happy Dancing"
     We ended our week with our spelling test and a celebration of "International Happy Day" The 5th grade teachers put a large amplifier in the 5th grade hall and played the popular song by Pharrell, "Happy." We all went out into the hall and danced together. What a great way to end our week!
* Parent/Teacher conferences begin Tuesday, March 25th for the 5th Grade
* There will be no Homework Club next week due to conferences.

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