Friday, March 28, 2014

Post by Chloe and Jack M

     This was a busy week with most of our focus on our explorer reports. Mr. Smith announced that we were having a Sumdog (A math game.) competition between Mr.Smith's class and Mrs.Rollins' class. We finished most of our research for our Explorer reports on Monday and began the writing portion too. We started turning our writing into books. 
      On Tuesday Mrs. Rollins had us focus on writing a summary of our research to put on the inside flap of our back cover of our books. The focus was on, "Grabbing the reader". We also went to the library and chose new "Free Read" books for this month. "Free Reads are awesome!"
Lost in a book

      By Wednesday and Thursday we were ready to take our typed paragraphs and print them and begin to put our books together for publishing. The fun part of designing our illustrations took most of our work time.
Free Read

      By the end of the week we had almost completed our books and Mrs. Rollins' class was in the lead for Sumdog, and the score for Mrs.Rollins' class is 20,171 and the score for Mr. Smith's class is 15,998. We took our Worldly Wise test too. At the end of the day we worked on our explorer projects and played more Sumdog. "Talk to you later."  
 - Chloe and Jack M
* Mr. Smith and Mrs. Rollins' Parent conferences continue next Tues. Wed. & Thurs.

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