Friday, March 28, 2014

Post by Chloe and Jack M

     This was a busy week with most of our focus on our explorer reports. Mr. Smith announced that we were having a Sumdog (A math game.) competition between Mr.Smith's class and Mrs.Rollins' class. We finished most of our research for our Explorer reports on Monday and began the writing portion too. We started turning our writing into books. 
      On Tuesday Mrs. Rollins had us focus on writing a summary of our research to put on the inside flap of our back cover of our books. The focus was on, "Grabbing the reader". We also went to the library and chose new "Free Read" books for this month. "Free Reads are awesome!"
Lost in a book

      By Wednesday and Thursday we were ready to take our typed paragraphs and print them and begin to put our books together for publishing. The fun part of designing our illustrations took most of our work time.
Free Read

      By the end of the week we had almost completed our books and Mrs. Rollins' class was in the lead for Sumdog, and the score for Mrs.Rollins' class is 20,171 and the score for Mr. Smith's class is 15,998. We took our Worldly Wise test too. At the end of the day we worked on our explorer projects and played more Sumdog. "Talk to you later."  
 - Chloe and Jack M
* Mr. Smith and Mrs. Rollins' Parent conferences continue next Tues. Wed. & Thurs.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Mrs. Vincenzi "Happy Dancing"
This week went by so fast!

 We started our week with a new spelling list focusing on suffixes. We also continued to work on our book report Google slide shows. We needed to create slides that talked about setting, characters and their traits, theme and figurative language. We also got to work with graphics and animation on our slides.
     We continued our week by finishing our explorer research with Mr. Smith and then began the writing of the the report with Mrs. Rollins. She had a graphic organizer on our Google drive that we are typing our paragraphs in. When we are done with that, we will take the information and make a picture book in the end. On Friday, we shared our completed slide shows with other 5th grade classrooms. We all read about a lot of new books that we would like to read in the future.
"Happy Dancing"
     We ended our week with our spelling test and a celebration of "International Happy Day" The 5th grade teachers put a large amplifier in the 5th grade hall and played the popular song by Pharrell, "Happy." We all went out into the hall and danced together. What a great way to end our week!
* Parent/Teacher conferences begin Tuesday, March 25th for the 5th Grade
* There will be no Homework Club next week due to conferences.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Post by David and Carter
      On Monday we started off class by working on our verb packets where we learned about helping verbs, linking verbs, and of course action verbs. We continued by working on our poetry and poetry packets. We ended the day with a read aloud and listened to Mrs. Rollins read us the book The False Prince.
     Tuesday we worked on our poetry pieces to get them ready to publish. We had a lesson on linking and helping verbs to prepare for an assessment. We ended the day with Reader's Workshop.
     Wednesday we finally took our verb assessment and then got to work on our book Google presentations. We focused on the slide that will talk about comparing two characters.
      Thursday was COLONIAL CRAFT DAY...IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! Check out the photos below.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Post by Loey and Natalie

       On Monday, we worked on our Google book reports and signed up for career day. Monday also began "Spirit Week" at HMS. We continued working on our own personification poems too. Monday was 'Hipster' day for spirit week and we saw some pretty hipster looks! 
    On Tuesday, we practiced finding character traits with proof and quotes from our books.We are preparing a Google presentation of our books and comparing characters is one of our pages. We also, started decorating the fifth grade halls to look like Paris, France to compete with the 6th grade Tokyo, 7th grade Hawaii, and 8th grade New York halls. It was also  Wacky hair day.
      As Wednesday rolled around, we had our second human development class and started a small unit on "verbs." We started our verb lessons with a fun you tube clip to get us up and moving..."action." Mrs. Rollins also danced the "Sly Shuffle" with us. It was Clipper 'Blue and White day."
      On Thursday, we started learning about linking and helping verbs. These proved to be a little harder to understand as some words can be helping and linking verbs. We also had our final day of human development class...Glad that's over! It was "look-a-like" day.
      As the week came to an end, we took our Wordly Wise test and everyone did a great job! It was wear your sweats day for spirit week! We then ended the week with decorating our hall with a bunch of fancy decorations and it was like you walked into Paris with the blooming flowers and poodles! This was a fantastic much fun! We cant wait to get back!!
1. Current book reads need to be completed by Wednesday, 
    March 12th.
2. Colonial Craft Day is Thursday, March 13th. Be planning 
    your clothing and lunch. We are going back in time!
3. Friday, March 14th is a Teacher Work Day. There is no 
    school for students...Enjoy!