Friday, February 7, 2014

Mayzie and Juliettes blog post :*)

Our Bloggers Mayzie and Juliette
  February. 7, 2014

   Having a snow day in the middle of the week made everything go by fast.
    On Monday we continued our poetry working with a rhyming lesson and another fun poem. We reviewed Haiku, Diamante, and Acrostics poetry and had some fun writing.
    As Tuesday came, we had a sub. Mrs.Rollins was sick with her son. We got to do a lot of independent reading and logging. We also had a chance to write free verse poetry. 
    Wednesday surprised us with a wonderful snow day!!!
Paul Rever's Ride
When Thursday came around Mrs. Rollins taught us how to write a poetry essay analyzing a poem and how we related to the poem individually.

    Friday! It's almost the weekend, so we said goodbye to school for a little bit and to our friends. We learned about taking notes on a non fiction article and how we can write short thoughts and questions in the margins of an article to help us understand what we are reading. Mrs Rollins gave us a quick story telling of why the revolutionary war was started because we are going to learn more about it later. We read about Paul Revere's ride. So we say goodbye to you all right now, we hope you have a great weekend!
1. You can still place a book order until next Friday. Here is the code:
2.  If you have any Colonial Craft day volunteer sheets, please get them turned in quickly.
3.  Don't forget to bring a baby food jar with your name on it.
4.  Winter Break starts Friday, Feb. 14 at 2:30.  

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