Friday, February 28, 2014

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        We started the week like we usually do, with lots of things due at the end of the the week.
 On Monday, we started with D.O.L. After D.O.L, we did our spelling pretest, which most of us said was awfully hard. We talked about proper paragraph writing to help us with our weekly paragraph writing. Then, Mrs. Rollins told us that we would be sending letters to our friends in Uganda.  After we received the information, we worked on our letters, which would need to include our best handwriting. We also made snowflakes to send with our letters since it does not snow in Uganda. Mrs. Rollins also showed us examples of Personification in poetry and in novels as a way to describe things. We are getting ready to write some personification poetry next week.
        On Tuesday, we went to the library. At the library, we were introduced to our new book genres, which were Science Fiction/Fantasy and Mystery. The Geese are reading Science Fiction/Fantasy and the Dolphins are reading Mystery. Mrs. Stuhr gave us some great suggestions on books we might like to read and then we got to choose. Mrs. Rollins also explained our book presentations which would be a Google presentation. We were all very excited! Working and creating on the computer is always way more fun! She discussed what each slide would have, like setting description, compare/contrasting of two characters, theme, and Figurative Language. We also talked about how we would need to write about our thinking and support our thinking with examples or quotes from our reading. When we are done with our presentations, we will be sharing our work with other 5th grade classrooms.
        On Wednesday, we started with meeting on the carpet and talking about our new books. We shared our choices and why we chose the books we had. Mrs. Rollins continued reading our new read-a-loud book, The False Prince and showed us how as she read, she put sticky notes in her book to organize her thinking about character traits, figurative language and all the things we would need to talk about in our book presentations. After lunch, we put our graded papers in our portfolios.
        On Thursday, we met Mrs. Rollins on the carpet to read some of our class book, The False Prince. We also shared some of our sticky note thinking about our own books. After that, we read for about half an hour while Mrs. Rollins conferenced with a few kids.
1. Spirit Week is next week. Monday is "Hipster Day"
2. Human Growth and Development movie and discussions
    will be Mar. 3, 4, & 5
3. Colonial Craft Day is Thursday, March 13th. Be planning your 
    clothes options. 

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