Friday, January 31, 2014

Jan. 31, 2014
Blog by Jack V. & Ian

       As January is coming to an end, we've started our poetry unit. On Monday we discussed how to analyze and respond to reading a poem. We talked about what a stanza is and a line break in poetry. We all talked about what rhythm is in poetry and how it is a lot like music. 
Poetry writers
       Tuesday came and we went to the library. We met in our book group an discussed new books we are reading. Some of us traded books and shared new titles. Mrs. Rollins did a mini lesson on how authors show a characters emotions through writing.
       As Wednesday rolled in, we started our day talking about Colonial Craft Day materials that are needed we then shared our "Gift of self" writing and then met in our book group for a mini lesson on the tone and mood in a piece of poetry.
       To start Thursday off, we started our new read aloud called The False Prince. We also did some silly rhyming poems. In Reader's Workshop, we read our books looking for foreshadowing after Mrs. Rollins did a lesson on foreshadowing. We came back together at the end of reading and shared what we found in our reading.
       Thank god Friday came. We had a D.O.L quiz. After that, we continued writing our silly poems on our computers. Later on that day, we had our spelling test. Then, we had a quite reading time. It was so quiet...people love their books! To continue with poetry, people performed their memorized poems. We ended our day talking about the new book orders.
1. Please look for the note that went home on Thursday regarding Colonial Craft day in March. We need a few supplies and some volunteers.
2. Book orders Due next Friday, Feb. 7.  If you order on-line, our class code is

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