Friday, December 20, 2013

Enjoying our friends.
Sharing our work with friends.


Holiday Treats with friends.                                                                                                           

Friday, December 13, 2013

Week 15 
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On Monday, our class continued essays work focusing on including our thesis statement in our topic sentences, and writing supporting sentences. We also started Worldly Wise unit 5. On Tuesday, we were gone most of the morning until 11:30. We were at the high school rehearsing for our band and chorus performance. During Wednesday, we focused our reading time on looking at the words that authors use in writing. While we read our novels we looked for a word, or two that we felt was important to each chapter. We then shared our words and explained why it was an important word to the story and why we choose that certain word. 
Let it snow!
     On Thursday, in some of the classes, hour of code was going on at 9:20 after recess until 10:00. At recess, it was below freezing and we could see our breath! Wow, the winter came fast! We also couldn't feel our hands and feet. 
     Friday came and our two classes took the difficult Wordly Wise test and worked some more on our essays. After lunch time, Mr. Rosco came in and talked to us about St. Bahkitia Primary School in Uganda. We saw lots of pictures! He showed us what the daily life looked like at the refugee camps. We also talked about the fundraiser that we will do in late February before Mr. Roscoe makes a trip back to Uganda in March. These are the same friends that we received letters from a few weeks ago. During the end of our day, we continued our class read-a-loud book, Because of Mr. Terupt. For the last 20 minutes of the day we silent read our free choice book. Everyone is excited for the upcoming snowy weekend! Keep your fingers crossed for a big SNOW!
Let it snow, let it snow!


Friday, December 6, 2013

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Week 14

     Week fourteen of school went by really fast! On Monday, after a long weekend, we looked at examples of Essays. Then we talked about ways to write a good quality thesis statement. After that, we did our spelling pretest. It was a hard list of words this week. Only two people passed! After our challenging list of words we got to relax our brains and we got to listen to Mrs. Rollins read Mr. Terupt until lunch.
The Pink Pigs..#1 sellers!
   On Tuesday, we walked down to the library and looked at a pile of books and read a book for 3 minutes then we moved on to another table to choose another book to do the same. We were "Tasting" books. This helped us pick out our free read books for this month. That took up most of our time in Language Arts.

Annie Racing the class pig...Go Annie!
     Few, Wednesday! Halfway through the week! But we are still very busy. We started of with something fun and easy. We made SP studio people that looked somewhat like ourselves for the front of our portfolios that we're taking home on Friday to look at with our family. Mr. Arsenault came in to do a lesson on making a survey on Google Docs to survey people for our essay writing.  Following this, we talked about our free read books, that we have been reading for only a day. It was really interesting to see what people are reading. Mrs. Rollins did a mini lesson on setting as well as a mini lesson on paragraph structure.
Go 5th Graders!
  Before we knew it, Thursday came. We worked on a five question comprehension check-in so that Mrs. Rollins could see what reading level we were at so far. Then we had a portfolio "party" and passed out all the papers that we  have worked on over the course of the year. In writer's workshop, we began our essay first paragraph.

     Eventually, the best day of the week came. Friday!!! This morning we did our "old pal" D.O.L. Then we did our tricky spelling test. After lunch we checked in on our reading on the rug with Mrs. Rollins and shared our paragraph writing. More importantly, we had the school Pig Race after our hard work of selling cookies and magazines our LA class won 1st place in sales in the whole school so, they were in the Pig Race. Mrs. Rollins' pink pig class won the first race but lost the second. It did not matter though, because Mrs. Rollins' class took the chicken trophy for having the most sales. Way to Go! Have a great weekend!