Friday, November 1, 2013

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Week 9

On Monday, we had our Monday check in. All week we worked hard on our personal narratives. We worked in revision groups and worked on writing long with sensory imagery, dialogue, and staying true to a seed story. We worked on our book talks too. We created new covers for our books and worked on our speech notes. We look forward to presenting them next week. Another busy project is our characters from our recent book, Animal House and Iz. We made South Park-like characters on the computer. The characters will have speech bubbles with dialogue that we will write. The dialogue will need to compare our character to another character from the book.
8th Grade Buddies
Our Characters
We had another visit from our 8th grade buddies on Tuesday. We got to do a fun project with them. For homework we drew a monster and wrote a paragraph about how they look. The next day our buddies drew them based on our description. We practiced this by drawing witches first. On Thursday we talked about Halloween and wrote about our costumes and what our Halloween plans were. Another amazing week with the dolphins and Geese!:) 
Group Revision help
Winnie and Sadie

*Parent, Teacher, Student Conferences  continue next week. 

*Magazine /cookie sale continues until Nov. 7th.

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