Friday, November 8, 2013

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Week 10
*Important classroom Information following. 

         I hope next week will be better, Just kidding! This week we did a pre-test for our spelling test on Monday. Here are some other things we did over the course of the week. We designed our characters for the animal house and Iz book, we also shared some of our historical fiction book talks in front of the class, and personally I got goose bumps all over me. On the other hand, Alex was fine. 
        The next day we got the privilege to go to the book fair and spend as much money as we wanted, and had time to check out books at the library as well.
        Wednesday, we went to the library to choose books to start our new book reports. The Geese have Non-fiction and the Dolphins are doing Historical fiction. 
        Yesterday, we had a substitute teacher and did a quick write, practicing writing sensory imagery. We also got to have 45 free minutes of book report reading. It was Great!
        Today, Friday, we worked with Mr. Arsenault to learn about our email accounts and to set up our new passwords. There were a lot of  etiquette rules that we had to hear about first. We also typed our compare/and contrast paragraphs with our two Animal House and Iz characters. We continued our book talks and took our lesson 3 spelling quiz.
       We had a great week and were glad to celebrate Claudia's birthday and Jack's birthday this week. Thank you for your time and we hope you have a great long weekend!

 Important Information:

 Class assignment:
Dolphins- Students have until November 26 to read their Historical Fiction novels. They will work on their reading connections sheets while they are reading. This is their next Book Review. Most of this work will need to be completed at home with reading each night.

Geese- Students have until November 26 to read their Non-Fiction books. They will create a presentation folder to summarize important facts that they have learned from their books. Please check-in with your child to see a more detailed description. Most of this work will need to be completed at home with reading each night.

Over the next few weeks we will be writing 5 paragraph essays from topics that the students brainstormed.  Please see the rubric for this under the 5th grade homepage rubrics link.  We will write catchy introductions support our thesis statements with three body paragraphs and wrap up with  a  creative conclusion.

*All magazine/cookie sales are due the week of Nov. 11th.

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