Friday, November 22, 2013

Our Bloggers Aidan and Emerson
Week 12

Here we are on week 12 of school. A much needed break comes next week.
     Monday we started a new read-a-loud book. The title is Because of Mr. Terupt  it is a great book so far. It is about seven kids that get a new teacher and he is turning out to be the best one yet but something awful happens to change everyone.  Tuesday we continued our work on our book reviews to get them wrapped up before the holiday. On Wednesday, we found out that our class sold the most magazines in order to have chickens sent to Guatemala. This also means that we took first place in the school and we will be competing in the pig races. We are so excited!  
7th grade games
   On Thursday we got our grades on our Animal house and Iz characters and also we got the grades for our narrative writings back. Everyone felt real good about their hard work. We continued to work on our book reviews and vocabulary work to get things finished. Friday finally rolled around and we were so excited to get our letters from Uganda. They were so awesome! We learned a lot about our friends through their writing. We also learned that we can help our friends in Uganda in many ways(SEE BELOW). We ended our day by visiting the 7th graders. They created world geography games and invited us up to play them. Boy! They were hard! We had a lot of fun! That is all for week 12. Enjoy your weekend!  

* All Book Reviews are Due Nov. 26. (Please check with your child)
* Friend Celebration with pie Nov. 26
* Uganda Letters
Today your child received a letter from a student from St. Bakhita school in a Uganda refugee camp. School’s for Refugees based here in Yarmouth makes trips there at least twice a year to bring supplies, letters and help from Maine. This is a very poor community trying to educate their children. Please visit to read about this school, it’s needs, parent stories, and to see how you can donate to help this special school.

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