Friday, October 18, 2013

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Post by Abby and Claudia

The week flashed by so fast! It was a short week because of Columbus day, but that didn't stop us from learning! First, we got right on task by finishing up our book reports. After our book reports, we started up our narratives. Writing, writing, and more writing! We talked about how good "leads" are very important in stories and even read several novel's beginnings to see what hooked readers in and what was a little bit boring.
 We also learned about the four types of grammar sentences. The first one is a Declarative which means an informative sentence. The next one was an Imperative which is a sentence telling something important like a direction. The third one is Interrogative which is a question that someone would ask. The final one is an Exclamatory which means there is an exclamation point at the end of a sentence. This one shows excitement or anger.
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 We continued our week working on character trait charts. We used the book Animal House And Iz and used the characters in it for our chart. We wrote down the character and their traits with evidence from the story to prove the traits. We will continue to chart traits to see how a character changes by the end of the book.  BYE :)!!!

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