Friday, September 20, 2013

Week 3
     Our new Fifth Graders are settling in wonderfully to middle school life. They are walking the halls with smiles and confidence.
     Our week started off with a science field trip to The Gulf of Maine Research Institute. While there, students worked through science experiments using the scientific process, computers, and i pads to record their thinking and problem solving steps related to issues having to do with wildlife and the Gulf of Maine waters.
 In Language Arts we continued to talk about "Plot" in a story and the students worked on a plot chart for their individual book projects. This plot information will be used in their first paragraph of their book writing project. We also started our Wordly Wise vocabulary program. We worked through the first unit together. Next week the students will be doing most of the work at home as homework. Please take a look at your child's book next week  to help them plan their time well for completing the work. Section E will always take quite a bit of time and may need to be split over two nights.
Luxury bus ride
We ended our week with popsicles in celebration of MAP testing being complete.
     Thank you for continuing to check in with your child each night regarding the completion of homework and making sure everything they need is packed in their backpacks. Hopefully in a few weeks, this will be a responsibility that your child will successfully handle independently.

Happy Sunny Weekend!
Mrs. Rollins

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