Friday, September 27, 2013

Group metaphors
Week 4


     Our busy week started off with reviewing metaphors and similes. We discussed how figurative language can help our writing sound more descriptive. The students had a chance to create and practice using metaphors in class and in their writing. Ms. Agell even came in to share a metaphor book and talk about creative writing.
Ms. Agell visits

       Our focus this week in reading was "Inferencing." We discussed the idiom, "To read between the lines." We worked together reading quotes from our class novel, Animal House and Iz and worked in groups to infer the character traits of the main characters. Students will be using this skill quite a lot throughout the year. Students also continued their book review by writing and typing their first two paragraphs on their Google Docs. Next Thursday, the students will check-out their next book report book to start on. The Dolphins will focus on "Adventure Survival" while the "Geese" will focus on Historical Fiction. This is our first step at our year long work with genres.

     All of your children are coming to the end of their Math Unit 1 and are reviewing for their Unit 1 test on Tuesday, Oct. 1.
     Important Information

1.  Our Scholastic Book orders are due Fri, Oct. 4 Please go online and checkout all the wonderful books. Our Class code is LDZL4. Put in the code and order away. The more we order, the more free books we get for our classroom.

2.  NECAP Testing will be 10/3, 10/4, 10/9, &10/10 from 7:50-9:30 and then from 10:50-12:15 each day. Please be sure your child gets to bed early and has a hearty breakfast and healthy snack,These will be long mornings.

3.  Unit 1 Math test Tues. 10/1 

Happy Weekend,
Mrs. Rollins 

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