Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fifth graders busy at work
Week #2 was a busy week!

       As you may have heard at home, Tuesday was our computer role out day for Fifth Graders. Each student received their own computer with a case. The students spent the whole day moving from one fifth grade class to the next learning a new computer technique in each class. They set up Google folders for each academic subject that they will store their computer work in. They designed their desktops, and also had a chance to set up the speaker in their computers which will enable each student to have their work read back to them when they are revising. Needless to say, the students were busy and excited.
     In Language Arts we began our writing unit preparing for our narrative pieces. Students were creating possible writing topics and beginning to practice writing sensory imagery in daily free writes. We also continued reading our free choice books to prepare for our first book project. As the students read, I do a daily check-in with them to see how they are progressing with their reading. We will focus on "plot"  and "theme" next week to prepare to write about their books. I will also be introducing the students to the "Wordly Wise" vocabulary program. Each student will be receiving their own book. We will be working through Unit 1 slowly together for the first week with a little homework each night.
     Math is in full swing with practice of properties of whole numbers and building on their prior knowledge of multiplication and division of whole numbers.
     Next Tuesday we will be going on our field trip to GMRI and having fun with the scientific process. We will leave HMS by 8:30 and return by 12:00. Students will be back for lunch.
     Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me. I look forward to seeing them each day and sharing our learning.

Creating together in Mr. Smith's room

 Happy Weekend!
Mrs. Rollins

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  1. Way to Go Mrs. Rollins! Keep up the Great work with our students and continually sharing on your Blog.