Friday, September 27, 2013

Group metaphors
Week 4


     Our busy week started off with reviewing metaphors and similes. We discussed how figurative language can help our writing sound more descriptive. The students had a chance to create and practice using metaphors in class and in their writing. Ms. Agell even came in to share a metaphor book and talk about creative writing.
Ms. Agell visits

       Our focus this week in reading was "Inferencing." We discussed the idiom, "To read between the lines." We worked together reading quotes from our class novel, Animal House and Iz and worked in groups to infer the character traits of the main characters. Students will be using this skill quite a lot throughout the year. Students also continued their book review by writing and typing their first two paragraphs on their Google Docs. Next Thursday, the students will check-out their next book report book to start on. The Dolphins will focus on "Adventure Survival" while the "Geese" will focus on Historical Fiction. This is our first step at our year long work with genres.

     All of your children are coming to the end of their Math Unit 1 and are reviewing for their Unit 1 test on Tuesday, Oct. 1.
     Important Information

1.  Our Scholastic Book orders are due Fri, Oct. 4 Please go online and checkout all the wonderful books. Our Class code is LDZL4. Put in the code and order away. The more we order, the more free books we get for our classroom.

2.  NECAP Testing will be 10/3, 10/4, 10/9, &10/10 from 7:50-9:30 and then from 10:50-12:15 each day. Please be sure your child gets to bed early and has a hearty breakfast and healthy snack,These will be long mornings.

3.  Unit 1 Math test Tues. 10/1 

Happy Weekend,
Mrs. Rollins 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Week 3
     Our new Fifth Graders are settling in wonderfully to middle school life. They are walking the halls with smiles and confidence.
     Our week started off with a science field trip to The Gulf of Maine Research Institute. While there, students worked through science experiments using the scientific process, computers, and i pads to record their thinking and problem solving steps related to issues having to do with wildlife and the Gulf of Maine waters.
 In Language Arts we continued to talk about "Plot" in a story and the students worked on a plot chart for their individual book projects. This plot information will be used in their first paragraph of their book writing project. We also started our Wordly Wise vocabulary program. We worked through the first unit together. Next week the students will be doing most of the work at home as homework. Please take a look at your child's book next week  to help them plan their time well for completing the work. Section E will always take quite a bit of time and may need to be split over two nights.
Luxury bus ride
We ended our week with popsicles in celebration of MAP testing being complete.
     Thank you for continuing to check in with your child each night regarding the completion of homework and making sure everything they need is packed in their backpacks. Hopefully in a few weeks, this will be a responsibility that your child will successfully handle independently.

Happy Sunny Weekend!
Mrs. Rollins

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fifth graders busy at work
Week #2 was a busy week!

       As you may have heard at home, Tuesday was our computer role out day for Fifth Graders. Each student received their own computer with a case. The students spent the whole day moving from one fifth grade class to the next learning a new computer technique in each class. They set up Google folders for each academic subject that they will store their computer work in. They designed their desktops, and also had a chance to set up the speaker in their computers which will enable each student to have their work read back to them when they are revising. Needless to say, the students were busy and excited.
     In Language Arts we began our writing unit preparing for our narrative pieces. Students were creating possible writing topics and beginning to practice writing sensory imagery in daily free writes. We also continued reading our free choice books to prepare for our first book project. As the students read, I do a daily check-in with them to see how they are progressing with their reading. We will focus on "plot"  and "theme" next week to prepare to write about their books. I will also be introducing the students to the "Wordly Wise" vocabulary program. Each student will be receiving their own book. We will be working through Unit 1 slowly together for the first week with a little homework each night.
     Math is in full swing with practice of properties of whole numbers and building on their prior knowledge of multiplication and division of whole numbers.
     Next Tuesday we will be going on our field trip to GMRI and having fun with the scientific process. We will leave HMS by 8:30 and return by 12:00. Students will be back for lunch.
     Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me. I look forward to seeing them each day and sharing our learning.

Creating together in Mr. Smith's room

 Happy Weekend!
Mrs. Rollins

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our First Week

Welcome to Middle School!        

We had a great first week of Fifth Grade. We took time to talk with old friends and new friends. We learned about "White" and "Blue" days, we found our way to all the different UA classes and we learned how to follow our Fifth Grade schedules (No easy task!) I wandered the halls with the kids to help them navigate their way to the different classes and had a few hearty laughs with a few students as we found ourselves down wrong hallways or up staircases that led us back to our class that we had just left.  

       The students had an opportunity to meet their 8th Grade "Buddies" and spend some time getting to know each other. With much excitement, students were assigned their lockers, and by Thursday we were starting to get into the swing of switching classes for Math and Language Arts. 

Fifth Grade has brought a lot of new changes for your children with much higher expectations. Your children are truly amazing! They have come to school well prepared and ready for the challenge. This is going to be an exciting year!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 
Next Tuesday, September 10th is our Fifth Grade Open House at 6:00pm. I hope to see you there!

P.S... I will include photos on our blog from the Geese group (Mr. Smith's homeroom) when I know that all permission for photos are approved by parents.

Mrs. Rollins