Saturday, August 24, 2013


   Hello New Fifth Graders!
   Summer memories make great writing topics at the beginning of the year. Be thinking of your experiences and make a list while they are fresh in your mind. Your first writing in Fifth grade will be a personal narrative. I can't wait to see all of you and hear about your summer adventures. See you September 3rd.
Here are some of my favorite memories from this summer...

1. Welcoming our newest family member our Golden Retriever..."Kai"

 2. Riding the super cool rides at Disneyworld.

 3. Getting back on a surfboard (Have not done that since I was a teen in California.) SOOOOO
  4. Visiting backstage at Sea World with Camden and getting to hold a real Penguin.

5. Going to Gettysburg, PA. to experience the 150 year reenactment of the Battle at     Gettysburg...WOW, so Awesome!

 6. Visiting Monticello (President Jefferson's home)

 7. Visiting the Appomattox Court house where U. Grant and R. Lee signed the document to end the
     Civil War.

 8. Enjoying a Lobster bake and kayaking with friends on Chebeague... Yummy!

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  1. Awesome Mrs. Rollins!
    Your summer was WAY cooler then mine!

    See you at HMS!