Friday, June 7, 2013

Post by Brooke
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This week was a busy week!
On Monday, we spent the whole day preparing for our poetry cafe', we pained, colored, and decorated the classroom.
On Tuesday, we had the poetry cafe'. We had so much fun! We dressed like Beatniks and individually performed a famous piece of poetry and our own published poetry. We decorated our classroom all in black with cafe tables with flowers and candles for our parents to enjoy. We also had a stage and a spotlight to perform with. IT WAS SO AWESOME!
Our Beatnik band
Wednesday, we cleaned the room, found library books on the shelf to return to the library cleaned out part of our desks,  played games, and watched the movie, "The Lorax," By Dr. Suess, to end our plants and trees unit. On Thursday, we organized our portfolios and went over our summer reading suggestions. Mrs. Rollins gave us a summer reading assignment. We each got our own blog and we are going to blog about our books and then be able to go on our classmates blogs to comment and get more reading suggestions. It will be so fun! Our blogs will be checked each week by Mrs. Rollins and she will write about books that she is reading also. We also continued reading The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs. Friday, we had a Read-a-Thon.  We also played board games before 
Mrs. Lowenstein came in to do a JA lesson. It was an amazing week!


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  1. Brooke - Nice job on this latest blog post. You all did an amazing job with your poetry. I was so impressed!
    I will miss Room 308's weekly blog posts over the summer, but I am glad that you all will continue to do a lot of reading and blogging. Have fun!
    -Mrs. Gallant