Friday, May 10, 2013

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Monday, we worked on our tessellations and we prepared for our math test on percents, fractions, and decimals. After lunch, we worked on our Maine slide shows to enhance our nonfiction essay reports. Some new things Mrs. Rollins had us include in our slide shows were videos and animations. They are so cool! We also continued our poetry unit. So far we have learned to write metaphor poetry, simile, poetry, and are now working on personification. When we are finished with our poetry writing we will be having an underground "Beatnik Cafe Poetry Reading." Stay tuned!

Publishing Celebration
The next day started  out with the unit nine math test and we had a fire drill. We spent most of Tuesday preparing for our publishing celebration. Later in the afternoon, Mrs. Rollins read Wonder by R.J. Palacio. In the book we are learning what a "precept" is. As Wednesdsay came around we again worked on our slide shows to prepare for our party. After that, we had gym and went outside to play kickball as a class ( with Ms. Pachuta.) later on Mrs. rollins continued to read Wonder to us (Wonder is a great book about a disfigured fifth grade child.) When Thursday arrived we finally had our publishing party!!!!!!!!! it was awesome ( Mrs. Rollins, your snacks were awsome and Annie's mom's juice was great!) 
Mrs. Lowenstein teaching JA

Art was great! We wrapped our clay mugs and worked on our art portfolio. Friday arrived and everyone came into class a little excited about the lock-down drill. Annie's mom came in to teach us about Junior Achievement( A program that teaches kids about business in our world.) She explained what entrepeneurs were. We had music which was fun! Then, right after lunch we had the... lockdown drill! it was not a big deal and everyone except a few people talked and handled it great! The second graders came for a visit to our class in the afternoon and we shared our report writing and slide shows. It was a great week! Have a good weekend everyone!:)   
Sharing our work with the 2nd Graders

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