Friday, May 3, 2013

Post by Nicole
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Monday was totally AWESOME! In math we worked on turning fractions into decimals and percent. In Library Mrs. Clark gave us a book talk on a few new books. Later on in the day, we observed our vegetable plants that we planted last Friday. 
One of our gardens
hen we came in on Monday... ARE PLANTS HAD SPROUTED!!(and the seed packet said they would sprout in a 7-10 days! XD! Now it's time for Tuesday.
We continued our work on fractions, decimals, and percents but also practiced finding the area of triangles. For Guidance we made "Be Helpful" suns and had a great talk on being helpful to each other and our family. Like on Monday we studied plants but we focused on trees instead of small plants. We sketched scientific drawings of the inside of a tree. We survived Tuesday, so now on to Wednesday.  Our special was P.E. and we played Quitage (Rainbow team won BIG time!) 

 For Science, we focused on how a tree absorbs minerals and water from the soil. We put celery stalks into water with blue or red dye and needed to wait until Thursday to observe the results. Oh and by the way... HAPPY A.C.E.S DAY!! Okay, it's Thursday. In Art we glazed are F.G. jugs that African slaves made. Also, we had computer lab and we finished our Maine research slide shows.  In writing we start a poetry unit and Mrs. Rollins taught us about Metaphors. We tried writing our own metaphor poems. Ok, Friday! We learned about "Tessellation"(mixing Art and Math.)which was really fun! We spent most of the day making our own Tessellation pieces and trying our own art work. In music we learned about theme & variation. We also measured our vegetable gardens and ended our day with changing seats. The rest of Friday was GREAT!! p.s. thanks for reading the blog.
cut, slide, measure= Tessellation  
Can you see the dye in the veins?
Our Garden


  1. Whew! What a busy week Nicole. I love the blue celery stalk and the tessellations are beautiful!
    Xoxoxo Mom

  2. Nice job, Nicole!
    I love hearing all about another exciting week in Room 308!
    -Mrs. Gallant (Sadie's mom)

  3. So interesting Nicole. I love the Tesselation pictures as well. They remind me a little of plates your great great grandpa painted with great precision. I still have one of them. I am impressed with all that your class is doing and how you described it. Way to go.
    S'agapo poli poli, yiayia

  4. So that is how you knew about metaphors! You learned well. Great work sweet heart.
    -Love Dad