Friday, May 24, 2013

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What a great week! On Monday we learned how to calculate the volume of 3D cubes. We also went down to Mrs Rhoades' room to get tree saplings from the Lions Club. They are trying to plant over a million trees this year and needed our help. On Tuesday, 
Junior Achievement Game
we learned and created our own sensory poems to prepare for our poetry cafe which will be on June 4th. We're going to be a "Beatnik Cafe." In the afternoon we continued our "boss" book Wonder. Yes, we are half way through the week! When Wednesday came around, Mrs. Lowenstein came and taught us more about J.A. and told us what" loss" and" revenue" were in the business world. Two more days to go. I wish it would stop raining!!!                
Blake and Grandma

 It's Thursday. We continued working on our poetry and we did Haiku as well as more personification. In math we worked on finding the faces and vertices of a 3D shape. We also prepared for Grandparent Day. YES! It's here, Friday!!! We started the day off with grandparents visiting because it was Grandparent Day. We wrote poetry with them, interviewed them, and then shared our Tessellation art, our slide shows, and reports before singing to them in a school concert. As the afternoon came, we kept on working on our poetry. We have so many poems to type in our Google drive to prepare for our cafe celebration. By far, this was the best week! Check out some of our Grandparents below...
Cole and Grandparents
Loey and Grandparents
Jack and Grandparents
Chloe and Grandma
Wes and Grandma
Sadie and Grandma and Skip
Natalie and Grandparents with Annie
Jack and Grandma

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