Friday, May 31, 2013

Post by  Sadie
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Hi!!! Sadie here! This week was a blast! On Monday was Memorial day so we didn't have school! But, on Tuesday we worked on our amazing poetry for our Poetry cafe' Celebration next week. (By the way it is going to be totally awesome!!!) On Wednesday we had a fantastic time in P.E and continued with our poetry work. We also continued our novel study THE SEVEN WONDERS OF SASSAFRAS SPRINGS. Have you ever wondered what a real "wonder" is?  Think about it. We will let you know what we find out as our book moves on. 
Painting posters for our cafe
Welcome to our poetry cafe
    On Thursday we continued with our poetry AGAIN! But we all had a good time in Art doing free choice. We also finished Unit 12 in Math which means...WE ARE OFFICIALLY DONE WITH 4TH GRADE MATH!!!!On Friday it was so so so hot!!!! We all almost melted! Tee-shirts and shorts for sure! And some more poetry of course! We spent the last half of the day cleaning our room and getting it ready for our celebration. OH! By the way, Mr. Smith from the 5th grade came to our class today to meet with Mrs. Rollins and we all
We're melting!!!!!!!!!
 got to meet him. He's real cool! We are going to have a great 5th grade year with him and Mrs. Rollins.
Well, that was the end of our sensational week, keep reading room 308's blog to find out more about our weeks before school ends. Bye!    
Working on poetry  

Our Tessellations

Friday, May 24, 2013

Post by Maxy(My Grandma's name for me)
Our Blogger-"Go Yankees!"

What a great week! On Monday we learned how to calculate the volume of 3D cubes. We also went down to Mrs Rhoades' room to get tree saplings from the Lions Club. They are trying to plant over a million trees this year and needed our help. On Tuesday, 
Junior Achievement Game
we learned and created our own sensory poems to prepare for our poetry cafe which will be on June 4th. We're going to be a "Beatnik Cafe." In the afternoon we continued our "boss" book Wonder. Yes, we are half way through the week! When Wednesday came around, Mrs. Lowenstein came and taught us more about J.A. and told us what" loss" and" revenue" were in the business world. Two more days to go. I wish it would stop raining!!!                
Blake and Grandma

 It's Thursday. We continued working on our poetry and we did Haiku as well as more personification. In math we worked on finding the faces and vertices of a 3D shape. We also prepared for Grandparent Day. YES! It's here, Friday!!! We started the day off with grandparents visiting because it was Grandparent Day. We wrote poetry with them, interviewed them, and then shared our Tessellation art, our slide shows, and reports before singing to them in a school concert. As the afternoon came, we kept on working on our poetry. We have so many poems to type in our Google drive to prepare for our cafe celebration. By far, this was the best week! Check out some of our Grandparents below...
Cole and Grandparents
Loey and Grandparents
Jack and Grandparents
Chloe and Grandma
Wes and Grandma
Sadie and Grandma and Skip
Natalie and Grandparents with Annie
Jack and Grandma

Friday, May 17, 2013

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Blog by Ian

Wow! We had an exciting week! On Monday we worked on turning prose into poetry. We also worked on reading and writing examples of personification. On Tuesday we went on a field  trip to Pineland Farms. We had a great time! We learned all about the cheese making process and how the cows are cared for. We got to see a lot of baby cute! The chickens were CRAZY! (see photos below)
Chalk Art
  We ended our day back at school dissecting flowers. We studied the parts of a flower and how they pollinate. When we were done, Mrs. Rollins took us outside to do chalk art on the wall. We drew our own garden. On Wednesday we went and saw the concert for chorus and we also saw the band play all kinds of different music. They were awesome! Thursday came quick and we went to the computer lab and typed our awesome poetry. We are preparing for our "Beatnik" celebration with poetry.  
We also started a new novel for readers workshop called The Seven Wonders Of Sassafras Springs. Before we started, Mrs.Rollins had us research the seven wonders of the Modern, Natural and Ancient world  so we could understand what a wonder is.  Mrs. Lowenstein came in again to do Junior Achievement with us and and we took our unit 10 math assessment. It was a great week!

Enjoying some reading

Friday, May 10, 2013

Post by Wes   
Our Blogger

Monday, we worked on our tessellations and we prepared for our math test on percents, fractions, and decimals. After lunch, we worked on our Maine slide shows to enhance our nonfiction essay reports. Some new things Mrs. Rollins had us include in our slide shows were videos and animations. They are so cool! We also continued our poetry unit. So far we have learned to write metaphor poetry, simile, poetry, and are now working on personification. When we are finished with our poetry writing we will be having an underground "Beatnik Cafe Poetry Reading." Stay tuned!

Publishing Celebration
The next day started  out with the unit nine math test and we had a fire drill. We spent most of Tuesday preparing for our publishing celebration. Later in the afternoon, Mrs. Rollins read Wonder by R.J. Palacio. In the book we are learning what a "precept" is. As Wednesdsay came around we again worked on our slide shows to prepare for our party. After that, we had gym and went outside to play kickball as a class ( with Ms. Pachuta.) later on Mrs. rollins continued to read Wonder to us (Wonder is a great book about a disfigured fifth grade child.) When Thursday arrived we finally had our publishing party!!!!!!!!! it was awesome ( Mrs. Rollins, your snacks were awsome and Annie's mom's juice was great!) 
Mrs. Lowenstein teaching JA

Art was great! We wrapped our clay mugs and worked on our art portfolio. Friday arrived and everyone came into class a little excited about the lock-down drill. Annie's mom came in to teach us about Junior Achievement( A program that teaches kids about business in our world.) She explained what entrepeneurs were. We had music which was fun! Then, right after lunch we had the... lockdown drill! it was not a big deal and everyone except a few people talked and handled it great! The second graders came for a visit to our class in the afternoon and we shared our report writing and slide shows. It was a great week! Have a good weekend everyone!:)   
Sharing our work with the 2nd Graders

Friday, May 3, 2013

Post by Nicole
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Monday was totally AWESOME! In math we worked on turning fractions into decimals and percent. In Library Mrs. Clark gave us a book talk on a few new books. Later on in the day, we observed our vegetable plants that we planted last Friday. 
One of our gardens
hen we came in on Monday... ARE PLANTS HAD SPROUTED!!(and the seed packet said they would sprout in a 7-10 days! XD! Now it's time for Tuesday.
We continued our work on fractions, decimals, and percents but also practiced finding the area of triangles. For Guidance we made "Be Helpful" suns and had a great talk on being helpful to each other and our family. Like on Monday we studied plants but we focused on trees instead of small plants. We sketched scientific drawings of the inside of a tree. We survived Tuesday, so now on to Wednesday.  Our special was P.E. and we played Quitage (Rainbow team won BIG time!) 

 For Science, we focused on how a tree absorbs minerals and water from the soil. We put celery stalks into water with blue or red dye and needed to wait until Thursday to observe the results. Oh and by the way... HAPPY A.C.E.S DAY!! Okay, it's Thursday. In Art we glazed are F.G. jugs that African slaves made. Also, we had computer lab and we finished our Maine research slide shows.  In writing we start a poetry unit and Mrs. Rollins taught us about Metaphors. We tried writing our own metaphor poems. Ok, Friday! We learned about "Tessellation"(mixing Art and Math.)which was really fun! We spent most of the day making our own Tessellation pieces and trying our own art work. In music we learned about theme & variation. We also measured our vegetable gardens and ended our day with changing seats. The rest of Friday was GREAT!! p.s. thanks for reading the blog.
cut, slide, measure= Tessellation  
Can you see the dye in the veins?
Our Garden