Friday, April 5, 2013

Post by Chloe
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This was a busy week with a lot of things happening. We started our week off with a great Monday morning with multiplying fractions. We found this to be easy and really enjoyed it, as a class we're pretty good at it. It was an especially fun day because of  "Beach Day" at lunch. Tuesday was awesome! We went to Jillson's Farm to see how sap is turned into maple syrup. Mrs. Rollins bought us all some maple cotton candy. It was fantastic! We had lunch there with all of our friends and then we all got a large scoop of vanilla ice cream with maple syrup poured on top. YUMMY! We got home a little early and got to go outside for free play. We got Mrs. Rollins to play "Blob" tag. She was it! It was so fun to see her laughing and running around like crazy. 

On Wednesday we started our math unit on perimeter and area. Everyone loves this unit. By the time Thursday came we were measuring our classroom and learning the difference between a draft drawing and a scale drawing of a room or building. We are learning how to make scale drawings. We also continued our work on the lap tops with our non fiction essays. Thursday and Friday were also interesting days because we had our "Learn About Your Body" video and question sessions. We learned about how we are growing. At the end of Friday, we earned our "Team Time" and got to work on our wigwams. Making wigwams is a lot harder than the Abanaki made it look. That's our week.

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  1. Chloe - Nice work on this blog post! You did a great job. What a fun week!
    -Mrs. Gallant