Friday, April 26, 2013

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Post by Natalie

 Our week began with continued work on our essay research papers. We are just about completed with our revision. We also started our slide show presentations and got to learn how to use animations. Our math lesson was on finding the "Area" of a parallelogram. It was a little confusing trying to find the right angle to measure height.

Maine Maritime Museum Shipyard
 On Tuesday we missed Guidance and went to the Maine Maritime Museum. There, we built a model of a boat and learned how old clipper ships were built in Maine. We also got to drill holes in wood the old fashioned way and push oakum in between planks. This was done to make ships water tight. Oakum is made of torn up ropes and hemp and soaked in tar. Men were paid 1 penny a foot to hammer oakum into ships planking. "What a job!"

On Wednesday we played Quititch in gym. We also started our new unit on seeds and plants. We soaked seeds and open them up to observe what is in a seed. You can actually see the first leaves. We then completed some scientific drawings. In math we learned how to find the area of a triangle. (b x h ) * one half. Another new formula to practice. A little tricky! Wednesday was also teacher appreciation day and we achieved our goal of filling the school with flowers!!
Planting our classroom greenhouse
As Thursday rolled around, we had art. While our clay was cooking, we made our own cartoon figures. We also began a new poetry unit in writer's workshop. We learned that inferencing is the most important reading skill to poetry. You really have to use your schema when reading some types of poetry. Another thing we did in poetry was discuss the meaning of "mood" and "imagery." We learned how an author uses certain words to create a mood or picture in the reader's mind.  The poet we focused on this week was e.e. cummings. Do you know what e.e. stands for?

On Friday we had music. We also planted lettuce, radish, beans, and zucchini in our classroom greenhouse. Playing in the dirt was so much fun! 
Hammering Oakum!
Planning the Greenhouse



  1. Natalie - Great blog post... what a fun field trip to Maine Maritime Museum! As usual, I love hearing what happens in Room 308.
    -Mrs. Gallant (Sadie's mom)

  2. Awesome job Nat! I totaly love the blog! and also the blog picture is SO funny! I hope you keep up the good work!!