Friday, March 8, 2013

Post by Annie

To start the week, Mrs. Rollins told us that we were going to compete in International Math Day. So, we prepared  for the competition which was for two days, which was petty fun. We got to design a character that looked just like us to represent ourselves on the computers. On Tuesday and Wednesday we competed against students in other countries on mathematics and speed. We all had so much fun! In library Mrs. Clark talked to our class about an upcoming project that we are going to do in art with Mrs. Weir too. The part that we are doing in art is a self portrait that will then go with a book report from library.  At the end of the day our class celebrated Charlotte's birthday with a phenominal dance party!!

Max and his Second Grade Friend

On Tuesday we went out into the woods with Mrs. Rollins and collected sticks for our fun projet were we will be building wigwams like the Abenaki. We will be using sticks, burlap for skins and birch bark from the trees. To end the day we had yet another dance party for Nathaniel's 10th birthday! Wednesday we practiced comparing and contrasting with a venn diagram and then Mrs. Rollins taught us how to take the venn diagram and turn it into a three paragraph essay. Thursday was a fun one, we had a free art class to do what we wanted, everybody had so much fun. In math we worked on Fractions art using our templates and then figuring out the fractions of a whole.  Next, we had a NECAP practice writing.  We compared and contrasted clothes from 1899 and clothes of today again practicing how to write paragraphs for comparing things. Something special that we did was we went to a second grade classroom and read our pursuasive writings to the second graders and they shared their writings with us.
The start of a Wigwam
 On Friday,  we worked some more with fraction blocks and had a very fun time! We also measured the distances that our Knex cars went down the hallway using "kinetic Energy." To end the week we started to build our Abenaki wigwam village. They will be almost as tall as us. WOW!
Kinetic Energy in Motion


  1. Great job, Annie. I can't wait to see the finished wigwams!
    -Mrs. Gallant (Sadie's mom)

  2. Annie, What fun you have in your class. Mrs. Rollins brings out the best in all of you. Learning in your class sounds like exciting times. You have learned a lot this year,continue on.