Friday, March 1, 2013

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Post by Max

This week was the best! We started Monday off with math and continued to work on long division with two and three digit divisors. We had library and continued to look at non-fiction text features. Mrs. Rollins also had us practice finding the "Author's Purpose." On Tuesday we did more non-fiction work.We learned about two kinds of non-fiction one is narrative non-fiction and the other was expository non-fiction. Mrs. Rollins had us read and share different books and explain which genre it was and why.
working together
      OK, now it's Wednesday. We are half way through the week already! We had gym and it was so awesome!  Thursday was the best! We worked on our "motion" unit instead of math in the morning. We worked on using rubber bands with stored energy to make our vehicles move. We learned that when you have movement from energy it is called "Kinetic Energy." It was so fun to see our cars shoot across the floor. We also went to Art on Thursday and worked on vanishing points. This is where you draw a 3d shape. 
     When Friday rolled around, every one was so excited for the weekend. We started Friday off with math and more long division. after lunch, we worked on our Abinaki Indian posters and then after that we did the best part of the week... TEAM TIME!!!!! This team time was a little different. Mrs. Rollins talked about what we had to do to get ready for our building of the Abinaki village. We researched long houses and wigwams on the internet and learned that we need to collect forest wood and birch bark skin. This is going to be so cool! Thanks for reading my blog.  
Kinetic Energy
Teaching about the Abenaki


  1. Max,
    Great job blogging! I learned a lot about your week. Sounds like you had a fun time and accomplished a lot.
    Mom (Mrs Brewer)

  2. Great writing Max. You captured all of our highlights.

    Mrs. Rollins

  3. Max - Great blog post! Sounds like it was a great week.

    Mrs. Gallant (Sadie's Mom)