Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Post by Charlotte

We started our week with learning fractions. We also read our  exciting book Peter Nimble and are almost finished with it. We also did a lot of writing in our reading journals this week. On Tuesday, we had a substitute in to teach us. It was strange because Mrs. Rollins has never missed a school day this year.  We did alot of writing on our "Motion" unit reflecting on our experiments and what purpose different car parts have in motion. Wednesday we continued with "Fractions" adding and subtracting. We all think fractions are so awesome! Then, we had P.E. We have been working on throwing and catching. We also had fourth grand hour which is always fun! 
Finding "Pi"

Thursday came and the week was already over. We watched a video about "Pi" and what it means. Mrs. Rollins then showed us how to use pi when finding the circumference of a circle. We all made our own circles and then problem solved to find pi. It was hard at first but then we all were able to figure it out. We had so much fun!!! We started our collage-portraits in art and then went to computer lab and finished our day with a dance party for Bridget's birthday. 
Happy Birthday Bridget!


  1. Hi Charlotte,
    Great job blogging this week - sounds like you all had an awesome time!
    Mrs Brewer (Max's mom)

  2. Great blog post, Charlotte. So much fun and learning in a short week!
    -Mrs. Gallant