Friday, February 15, 2013

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Dr. Lowenstein and the heart!
Due to the snow storm, I did not get to post last week so I will try to catch everyone up on what we have been doing. In the last two weeks, we as a class, did some very interesting things. On Monday  we talked about the superbowl and about 70% of the kids were not happy about the win. Everyone talked about the "go daddy" commercial... disgusting. People hated it. We started off the day with math which was interesting. We are working on division partial quotients. We had library and listened to the Dewey Decimal rap 3 times. As Tuesday came around, we had guidance and worked on perspectives. As we continued our day, we worked on our persuasive letters and did our plot charts. Wednesday flew by with gym and more persuasive letter writing so we could get them mailed off. Friday arrived with "Nemo" and there was no school! It was our first snow day in 2013. 

The next week we started our day with decorating valentine boxes  and we had library again. Annie's dad came in on Tuesday with a real heart and a set of lungs! He is a heart doctor who brought these things in to teach us about how our heart and lungs work and how to best take care of them. It was so exciting and interesting to learn. We even got to wear gloves to touch and feel. It was just pig heart and lungs though not human. As the day of Wednesday came, we had gym and a NECAP practice writing assessment along with fourth grade hour. Thursday brought a Unit 6 math test and something that only came once a year valentines day! Friday, we started our Abenaki AKA Indian tribe study. Mrs. Rollins has four different groups working on different information about the Abenaki and then we are going to take our knowledge of our study and present and teach it to the class. When we finish this work, we will be building an Abanaki huh? We also had Mr. Gorden Corbitt came and taught us about simple machines. This was a great two weeks and we all can't wait for vacation!
Abenaki work
Mr Corbitt and "Simple Machines"

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  1. Raving Fans/Parents of Room 308!February 18, 2013 at 11:45 AM

    Excellent Week Mrs. Rollins!
    Future Doctor's and Engineer's in the making. Brilliant! We love the effort and dedication. Keep up the fantastic leadership of our youth.