Friday, January 25, 2013

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Post by Nathaniel                                  

Wow!  We had a great week... why don't you read about it... wait you're already reading it!
Monday was a much needed day off from school...YAAA!  On Tuesday we got our brand new partner read books and got started.  We will be reading and looking for the rising actions leading to a climax in our books. Okay, you got through one day. I hope you can make it through Wednesday with me. On Wednesday we had a math assessment on unit 5 Partial Products and we all did Fantastic! Two days down, two left, so far so good.   
On Thursday we continued our read a loud of THE WATSON'S GO TO BIRMINGHAM-1963.  We listened for rising action and learned that the climax does not always happen  in the middle of the book. We also continued to work on our pursuasive letters to make a difference. So many people in class are very excited about getting their point of views heard in their letters. We also got to have an awesome dance party!!!  Mrs. Rollins let us put on loud music and dance because we still had not got to go outside after two days because of the cold weather. BOY DID WE DANCE!! On Friday we worked on reading non fiction and finding the main idea and details of an article and then wrote summaries. It was not easy! We got to have a really cool free time at the end of the day too. I hope you enjoyed this weeks episode of the... Room 308's 4th grade blog!!!
Dance Party!!!!
Getting the dance wiggle out!

Indoor basketball for recess.....
working on those summaries


  1. Nathaniel, I can really hear your own voice in this writing...Great job!

  2. Great blog post, Nathaniel. Lots of personality! I'm sorry that the cold weather has forced you all to have indoor recess, but I'm glad you got to have a dance party!
    -Mrs. Gallant (Sadie's mom)