Friday, January 25, 2013

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Post by Nathaniel                                  

Wow!  We had a great week... why don't you read about it... wait you're already reading it!
Monday was a much needed day off from school...YAAA!  On Tuesday we got our brand new partner read books and got started.  We will be reading and looking for the rising actions leading to a climax in our books. Okay, you got through one day. I hope you can make it through Wednesday with me. On Wednesday we had a math assessment on unit 5 Partial Products and we all did Fantastic! Two days down, two left, so far so good.   
On Thursday we continued our read a loud of THE WATSON'S GO TO BIRMINGHAM-1963.  We listened for rising action and learned that the climax does not always happen  in the middle of the book. We also continued to work on our pursuasive letters to make a difference. So many people in class are very excited about getting their point of views heard in their letters. We also got to have an awesome dance party!!!  Mrs. Rollins let us put on loud music and dance because we still had not got to go outside after two days because of the cold weather. BOY DID WE DANCE!! On Friday we worked on reading non fiction and finding the main idea and details of an article and then wrote summaries. It was not easy! We got to have a really cool free time at the end of the day too. I hope you enjoyed this weeks episode of the... Room 308's 4th grade blog!!!
Dance Party!!!!
Getting the dance wiggle out!

Indoor basketball for recess.....
working on those summaries

Friday, January 18, 2013

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Post by Nicole                                        

     On Monday in library we worked more on the Dewey Decimal System of Classification by watching a slide show of how the D.D.S.C. was made. On Tuesday we watched "Born To Be Wild." The movie was about two women who dedicated there life to saving abandon elephant and orangutan babies. Their parents got killed by poachers and the cutting down of the rainforests. This went along with our pursuasive letter writing and writing to make a difference. 
Quick writes...our favorite!
        In Guidance we made "I Have A Dream" pages in the shape of our hands. This also went along with our reading about Civil Rights and our read a loud The Watson's Go To Birmingham.  On Wednesday, we started a basketball unit in gym and practiced shooting hoops by playing knock out pig or around the world. We also began studying story plots. Looking at a story and finding the rising action, the climax, the falling action and the conclusion.  On Friday, we worked more on our "Motion" unit and discussed designs for a lunar car that was able to carry blocks. At the end of our day, we gave Mrs. Rollins a an early viewing of our band concert. Have fun long weekend!
a concert for  Mrs. Rollins
designing our lunar car
our plot mountain

Friday, January 11, 2013

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Blog post by Brooke

     Boy we had a busy week! On Monday, we started new partner read fiction books that took place in the time of slavery and the underground railroad. We decided to read these books because we watched a video of Dr. Martin Luther King give his famous " I Have a Dream!" speech.  Some of the kids had a lot of questions about the difference between freeing the slaves and Civil Rights. Mrs. Rollins thought it would be fun to read a book based in each time period and look at the differences. We also got to change our seats.  On Tuesday we started a new book called The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 by: Cristopher Paul Curtis. It won two awards. One was the Correta Scott King award. It is so far a great book! We also practiced multiplication algorithms in math.  
Great Writers
On Wednesday we started persuasive letter research to prepare to write and send our persuasive letters about important things in the world that matter to us. We got to play Jedi nights in gym and continued our awesome read aloud book The Watson's Go to Birmingham. On Thursday we started a spelling project researching "root" word.  
 Kavi's birthday was on Friday! In music Mrs. Renton's singing bear sang Happy Birthday to Kavi. As the day started to end, we earned Team Time. We built structures to hold weight. We had crazy supplies and 2 minutes to plan and then 5 minutes to build. Mrs. Rollins measured for height and how much weight each structure could hold.  Boy another great week! 
Deep thinking
Will it work?
Having Fun!

Friday, January 4, 2013

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Blog post by Aidan

     Happy New Year everybody! We just came back from vacation so it is a short week. On Wednesday we started a new math unit. The unit was extended multiplication facts. We also learned a little about Maine History to get ready for our field trip to the state capitol. For instance, we learned that the gold statue on the top of the dome is called "Lady Wisdom" and she holds a piece of Pine tree.  Wednesday was also a special day because a new kid named Wes moved to Yarmouth and he is in our class.  He's real cool!
Future House Representatives

Thursday we went to the state capitol and we went to the Maine State Museum to learn about Maine's heritage and culture. We had a great time and got to be out of school for almost the whole day.  We saw artifacts from thousands of years ago when the Paleo Indians were in Maine.  We also saw a lot of stuff about Maine's Industries.   
     When Friday came, we couldn't believe how short the week felt. For math we worked on math boxes and worked on computers.  We did a Reader's Theater reading about Issac Newton and his three laws of motion and then we worked on our motion Knex cars and did more experimenting.We had time for a fun little team time at the end of the day.  "Don't let the balloons fall!"

Making Arrowheads
Mass and Motion
Meet Wes and Friends