Friday, December 14, 2012

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Written by Natalie

On Monday we went to Library and learned about the Dewey Decimal System of Classification. Funny thing...this also goes right along with our math unit on decimals. In class we worked on our bloom balls 
(which is a project that we are doing with our book club groups.)  In math we learned more about comparing decimals to fractions and changing fractions to decimals. Tuesday was an exciting day. All the principals, assistant principals, and the superintendent of the Yarmouth schools came to our class to observe us work and look around our room. They introduced themselves and asked us questions about our learning. Also, Annie's parents came in and told us about the celebration of Hanukkah. We played dreidle games and learned about the Menorah. We learned that it takes 44 candles to light the Menorah over eight days. In Guidance, Ms. Spellman had us pick out our favorite quotes about kindness and friendship and we wrote about 

Jack's B-day
As Wednesday rolled around, we played soccer in gym, read a book about Hanukkah Latkes and had 4th grade hour. We also continued to work on our second narratives. Thursday was Jack M's Birthday and we celebrated with a concert. He brought his guitar to school and played a song that he wrote. It was Awesome! We also got to glaze our pottery in art. On Friday we went to music took a writing  assessment and earned "Team Time." This week, team time was funny! Mrs. Rollins gave each team a stack of newspapers. We had five minutes to create a paper hat with masking tape and newspaper. When time was up, we gave our hats to another person in our group and they had to act out the personality that would go with that hat. Some of the hats were very creative! 
Newspaper personalities


  1. Great blog post, Natalie!
    I love the newspaper hats... what a fun way to end the week!
    -Mrs. Gallant (Sadie's mom)

  2. Thanks for writing such a great blog post, Natalie - I learned a lot about what you all did. I love all the hats! Nice job everyone.
    Mrs Brewer

  3. Great post, Natalie. Your wit and sense of humor came through from the beginning. I enjoyed the reading about the wide variety of events this week. Keep up the good work, as Mrs. Rollins' "Team Time" seems to be something no one wants to miss.

  4. great blog post Natalie now i know some cool things you guys did before i came. It sounded fun i can't wait to see what team time is like! the hats sound fun to make they look realy cool in the photos. I wonder what next team time will be like?