Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Blogger
By Jack M.                                                                                      

     Monday, we had Ms. Emma as a sub. We worked with decimals during math and learned place value of decimals and how to make them a fraction. Mrs. Rollins was at a meeting but came back from her meeting at 12:00. Aidan had a half birthday celebration and we watched  PSY and Mc Hammer's performance from the music awards.  On Tuesday we learned about atoms, electrons, and how they are important to electricity. We also watched a video about water powering electricity. 
When Wednesday came, we worked with decimals in money for math. Mrs.Rollins read us Snowflake Bently before Annie's mom came to help us make giant snowflakes by cutting geometric shapes. As Thursday came, we worked on our second narratives and continued to write and revise on the laptops. We also finished our book clubs and began a project called a Bloom Ball. We are showing what we know by writing our understanding on hexagon shapes and they will end up making a ball. Then, we had art and played with yarn making "Cat's Eye's." Today we ended our week with a great field trip to Longfellow house and the Historical Society. We also got "Team Time!" Mrs. Rollins put out some crazy props and we had a skit that we had to act out about getting off an island surrounded by sharks. We had five minutes to plan and we had to use all the props. This was called Improvisation. The teams did great! They were so funny!  
"Improvisation" How do we get off this island?
A shark! 
Great actors!


  1. Jack - Great job on the blog this week. Those snowflakes are beautiful! I enjoyed tagging along on the field trip to the Maine Historical Society & Longfellow house. I was really impressed with great questions everyone asked!
    -Mrs. Gallant (Sadie's mom)

  2. Jack,
    That was some good blogging.

  3. great blog Jack it was so amazing!

  4. nice job jack.M you really out did your self on the blog

    - Nicole

  5. good job Jack great blog. team time sounds like so much fun! the field trip sounds interesting