Friday, November 16, 2012

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Written by Jack  V.                                 

I hope you all had a great 3 day weekend, I know I did. The start of the week was a little crazy, first we had guidance with Mrs. Spellman, we had a great time with her. After that we started fixing our narratives on the computers. Finally we got to find out what book club we were in and what books we were going to start reading. All of us were very excited about that! When Wednesday came, it came  early this week for us. To start, Wednesday off with a good note we worked with globes in math. We were learning how to use the globe scale and measure miles in distance from cities around the world.  After, we had gym with Ms. Pachuta and then we had chorus/4th grade hour. We were getting even closer to Friday.
      Thursday morning we worked with difference and total in math using large numbers and number models. Next, we had Art with Mrs.Weir. In the afternoon we did motion which was pushed over from Wednesday. Finally, the day was over and we were all excited for Friday( as usual) When Friday came we started with math. We did math boxes which was really fun for me and for others. We also typed our narratives and poems. We also earned our "Team Time!" Our challenge was to build an aircraft with different supplies in 7 minutes and then we would get three chances to fly our aircraft and log the longest flight time. "COOL!"So that was the crazy week in room 308 for us but it was also so much fun! I really hope you have a really good Thanksgiving, from me Jack V. Thanks for reading my post. See you all soon!
Testing flight

more testing


  1. great blog me

    I think I did a good job doing the blog and I hope you like it.
    -Jack Vigue

  2. Great blog Jack!

    What a fun week in room 308 :)
    I loved hearing about all the different things
    you did this week.

  3. Jack -
    Great blog post! You and your classmates accomplished a lot in just four days! The book clubs sound fun. I'm glad you earned Team Time... who won?
    -Mrs. Gallant (Sadie's mom)

  4. Good job on the blog Jack! :)Smiley face!!!


  5. Awesome blog Jack!
    -Ian LaBrie

  6. Jack I loved your blog. It was very good!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Awesome blog Jack I loved the team time!

  8. Great blogging!
    -Charlotte and Charlotte's Grandmother

  9. good job Jack. cool week