Friday, November 9, 2012

Written by Bridget
Blogger Bridget

This was one busy week!  

Monday was an exciting day, we finished our president research for our slide shows and we learned how to do a Pascal Triangle. It was hard at first but then we got the hang of it. Tuesday came quick after and it was the most exciting day because we voted! Barack Obama won. Every class had at least three states. We voted for them as if they were real votes and then we gave them to an electoral college representative to go vote. Mrs.Rollins picked names from a jar, and the ones that got picked went down to the gym. There was a voting center and you went inside and voted.  We also wrote a poem called, "If I ruled the world.
Jack V's Birthday
     Wednesday was one freezing day! We typed our personal narratives and are now working on editing. Thursday came second to last. It was the first snow fall! It was an exciting day for all of us and especially for Jack V. It was his birthday! He played Jingle bells on his  trumpet for all of us to hear. Last but not least, Friday came and we edited our narratives some more using BLUE, BLACK, RED and ORANGE marking pens. We did our spelling tests, had a sub in music named is Mrs.Ericson, and finished the day with our motion unit. All of us also got to meet with Mrs. Rollins and our parents to have a conference this week too. As you can see this was a busy week!

Motion Group work

Enjoying a great book!

Drawing our designs


  1. Bridget - Great blog post! It was an exciting week... a presidential election and the first snowstorm! I can't wait to see everyone's president slide shows.
    Mrs. Gallant (Sadie's mom)

  2. Super report! Each week I am amazed of all the learning and experiences that happen in YES and Room 308.
    Keep up the good work and open minds.
    xo Mom

  3. Nice reporting, Bridget! What a wonderful week in so many ways! You all work hard and have so much fun learning! That's awesome!
    Thanks for adding great details to your report.
    Jen Waterman

  4. Nice reporting, Bridget! I love all the details you added about the week. It really gave me a feel for how hard you all work and how much fun you have doing all you do. That's awesome!
    Thanks for the update.
    Jen Waterman

  5. p.s. I forgot to mention how I love your details when you describe something. I can feel the excitement, enthusiasm and energy in your writing.
    xoxo MOM

  6. Great Job Bridget!

    I am so proud of your writing.

    Mrs. Rollins