Friday, November 30, 2012

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Written by Chloe                       

On Monday we finished our read a loud Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher.  Mrs.Rollins showed us how to do a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast  Jeremy Thatcher and our last book Castle in the Attic. We compared themes.  On Tuesday we had guidance with Ms. Spellmen.  We played "capture the flag." We also tested out our vehicles in science. We tested how Force causes motion to have different speeds. We had a great day!
Wednesday we had gym with Ms. Pachuta and we played soccer. We also had our math unit 3 test. We continued to work in our reading clubs in the afternoon and again tested some more with our vehicles about friction. When Thursday came, it was awesome! We worked on decimals in math. We had art and we did clay. In the afternoon, we read and we went to the computer lab to type more of our second narratives. We wrapped up with a fun day on Friday. We worked with Mrs. Rollins to learn how to change fractions into decimals, which was really fun! Mrs. Rollins also shared with us how to share our writings with each other on our Google drives.  We will start doing this in January.

Testing force

How much force changes the speed of motion?

setting up


  1. Nice discriptive writting chloe!

    Nice orange hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. great blog chloe it was so amazing!
    Jack vigue

  3. p.s love the hat
    Jack Vigue

  4. Chloe, great job writing the blog this week! I loved everything about it

    - Annie

  5. Chloe,
    It sounds like it was a busy week! You did a great job describing the events of each day. Nice job!
    Mrs. Gallant (Sadie's mom)

  6. Mom (Erin Whipple)

    Well done Chloe Ruth! It was great to hear how your week went, your use of descriptive words was very helpful. I also love your hat! I'm so proud of you, everyday!!!


  7. great blog chloe. that sounded like a fun week