Friday, October 19, 2012

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     On Monday we started our week with studying character traits in our novels and also began looking at finding a Theme of a book or message that the Author is trying to tell the reader. We also finished our wonderful read-a-loud and could not wait to see what book Mrs. Rollins would pick out next.

Working together
      By Tuesday a lot of us  finished our partner reading novels and were beginning to choose new ones. We continued working on our narrative writing too.  In the middle of the week our class was focusing really hard on descriptive writing and more on similes. We also had a chance to do a few quick writes this week. Everybody loves a quick write.  Those were focused on sensory descriptive writing.  Some people read a loud and they were awesome!  On the second to last day Mrs.Rollins announced that we  would be going to the computer lab to work on our president slide shows so we could begin to get them ready for election day when we would be sharing them. As we finished up we were able to work on a jazzy game called Timez Attack.  Last of all we finished our work with a spelling word quiz. We ended our week with a dance party for Max's birthday and then earned "Team Time."  Our challenge was to build with 3 paper clips, 2 straws, a piece of paper, 5 toothpicks, and an index card a contraption that could hold an egg while hanging from a hook off of a yard stick.  We had 5 minutes to complete the task and make it work without the egg splattering to the ground. It was awesome!                            
A successful build!
Happy Birthday Max!


  1. Thank you, Loey! You are a great reporter of events - and that was a lot to report on! Wow. You and your friends do a lot of cool things in one week! I can't wait to read some of the things you are writing.
    Your Mom

  2. Wonderful reporting Loey! You gave a lot of details.
    You are all so much fun to spend my days with.
    Mrs. Rollins

  3. Nice job blogging, Loey! I really enjoyed reading all about your week - it sounds like you were very busy and had a lot of fun!

  4. Hi Loey! Thanks for the wonderful update. You have a future in journalism for sure! I love the challenges you guys get to do on Fridays -- no broken eggs?

    have a good week, Tracy Teare, Natalie's mom

  5. What a great challenge at the end of the week! What fun.