Friday, October 26, 2012

Our blogger Sadie
Blog post by Sadie                       

    This week was busy, super fun!
On Monday we went to the Portland Symphony to hear music focused on Tchaikovsky, it was so cool! Our school book fair also started on Monday along with it being Blake's birthday which we celebrated with a dance party. Tuesday arrived and we went on another field trip but this time we went to the Portland Art Museum and focused on Winslow Homer. We had great volunteers who were Charlotte's mom and Nicole's dad.
Science and Knex vehicles
    When Wednesday( hump day) came,  we started our "Motion and Design" science unit by trying to design cars that could move one hundred centimeters and be balanced, out of Knex. We talked about design and weight being important. On Thursday we went to art class and we used pictures of our favorite places in Maine to copy by painting in water color. We also completed our unit 2 math assessment and got ready for unit 3 by practicing our multiplication and division facts. Best of all, we started our president slide shows. We are designing slide shows to teach about a president but only using funny or unusual facts. It's been really funny!  Friday came fast and we had a chance to start typing our narrative pieces, work on our knex vehicles, and we earned another "Team Time" challenge. Our challenge was to build the tallest tower using graham crackers, raisins, pretzel sticks, a few marshmallows and whipped cream. We had two minutes to plan and five minutes to build and then measure the height. It was harder than we thought!  The whipped cream melts! This week was super fun!!!                                
Motion design

Team challenge...Yum!

Blake's Birthday!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Our Blogger Loey
Post written by Loey

     On Monday we started our week with studying character traits in our novels and also began looking at finding a Theme of a book or message that the Author is trying to tell the reader. We also finished our wonderful read-a-loud and could not wait to see what book Mrs. Rollins would pick out next.

Working together
      By Tuesday a lot of us  finished our partner reading novels and were beginning to choose new ones. We continued working on our narrative writing too.  In the middle of the week our class was focusing really hard on descriptive writing and more on similes. We also had a chance to do a few quick writes this week. Everybody loves a quick write.  Those were focused on sensory descriptive writing.  Some people read a loud and they were awesome!  On the second to last day Mrs.Rollins announced that we  would be going to the computer lab to work on our president slide shows so we could begin to get them ready for election day when we would be sharing them. As we finished up we were able to work on a jazzy game called Timez Attack.  Last of all we finished our work with a spelling word quiz. We ended our week with a dance party for Max's birthday and then earned "Team Time."  Our challenge was to build with 3 paper clips, 2 straws, a piece of paper, 5 toothpicks, and an index card a contraption that could hold an egg while hanging from a hook off of a yard stick.  We had 5 minutes to complete the task and make it work without the egg splattering to the ground. It was awesome!                            
A successful build!
Happy Birthday Max!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Our blogger Blake
 Written by Blake                                   

 Monday was a holiday and a day off! Tuesday was our first math NECAP test and a great time in Guidance with Mrs.Spellman. On Wednesday we had gym and played a lot of fun games with Ms. Pachuta.We also we had 4th grade hour as well as continued our NECAP tests.Thursday came and we had art class and finished our tree drawings. We also worked on finding the mean, median, and mode of a group of numbers. Mrs. Rollins also had us pick our Presidents to research and prepare to make a slide show about. On Friday we had music with Mrs.Troy because Mrs.Renton was at a meeting. We also worked some more on our narrative writings and ended our day with partner reading and had a short dance party to celebrate Natalie's birthday. We had a busy week!
Happy Birthday Natalie!

Helping with revision writing

Friday, October 5, 2012

Post written by Charlotte

Our Blogger
     This Monday we practiced reading and answering questions to get ready for the NECAPsThe next day we started the real NECAP testing and it went on for three days!  Mrs. Rollins also showed us a new math website that we can time ourselves while practicing multiplication facts. On Wednesday we made fun geometric shapes out of paper cutting. They are called "Topology." Wednesday was also Nicole's birthday. She played the flute for all of us. We also continued to work on our narrative writings and really worked on descriptive words. On Friday we did a special "Team Time"activity with beach balls where we really had to work as a team! 
math games
math games