Saturday, September 15, 2012

When we work together, great things can happen!

"When we work together, great things can happen!" This was our theme in room 308 this week. As we moved through our second week of school, we continued to learn many things about each other and what makes each of us unique.  We enjoyed writing free verse poetry using similes about "The Best Part of Me." 

Additionally, we began to look at the Scientific Process that scientists use when trying to solve a problem or test a theory. The students were given a challenge to figure out how they could walk on air as a class.  They were given a roll of masking tape, four packages of large balloons, and a board. With these materials, they began to work together to come up with a few theories and made many tests to see what was going to work.  After a few popped balloons and some disagreements, they began to work as a team and formulate an idea.  They soon found themselves on a path to success. There was a great wave of excitement as the first person stepped on the board and tested the creative idea.  SUCCESS! They were so proud of themselves and even went to invite Ms. Lane to walk on air with them. What a great way to end our week.  Your children truly are Great Thinkers.
-Mrs. Rollins


  1. Raving Fans of Room 308!September 16, 2012 at 7:18 PM

    What a great exploration in learning exercise! We talked about this experience all evening at our house. Great job Mrs. Rollins. Keep up the great work!

  2. My Granddaughter talked all evening about her day. Sure wish I had those same experiences with my teachers way back then, as she is having with you. I know that she will continue to enjoy her 4th grade year. Thank you