Friday, December 21, 2012

     Thank you Room 308 families for making our Publishing Party so wonderful!  The students worked very hard on all they had to share and were very excited to present all of that hard work today.  I am so proud of them!  Thank you again for sharing your wonderful children with me.  They make me laugh every day.
     I wish you all a Happy Holiday filled with laughter and love!
                                                                                                   Mrs. Rollins

Food Pantry/Caroling walk...Fun, Fun, Fun!
Publishing Party
Publishing Party
Walking to the food pantry singing fun!


Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Blogger
Written by Natalie

On Monday we went to Library and learned about the Dewey Decimal System of Classification. Funny thing...this also goes right along with our math unit on decimals. In class we worked on our bloom balls 
(which is a project that we are doing with our book club groups.)  In math we learned more about comparing decimals to fractions and changing fractions to decimals. Tuesday was an exciting day. All the principals, assistant principals, and the superintendent of the Yarmouth schools came to our class to observe us work and look around our room. They introduced themselves and asked us questions about our learning. Also, Annie's parents came in and told us about the celebration of Hanukkah. We played dreidle games and learned about the Menorah. We learned that it takes 44 candles to light the Menorah over eight days. In Guidance, Ms. Spellman had us pick out our favorite quotes about kindness and friendship and we wrote about 

Jack's B-day
As Wednesday rolled around, we played soccer in gym, read a book about Hanukkah Latkes and had 4th grade hour. We also continued to work on our second narratives. Thursday was Jack M's Birthday and we celebrated with a concert. He brought his guitar to school and played a song that he wrote. It was Awesome! We also got to glaze our pottery in art. On Friday we went to music took a writing  assessment and earned "Team Time." This week, team time was funny! Mrs. Rollins gave each team a stack of newspapers. We had five minutes to create a paper hat with masking tape and newspaper. When time was up, we gave our hats to another person in our group and they had to act out the personality that would go with that hat. Some of the hats were very creative! 
Newspaper personalities

Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Blogger
By Jack M.                                                                                      

     Monday, we had Ms. Emma as a sub. We worked with decimals during math and learned place value of decimals and how to make them a fraction. Mrs. Rollins was at a meeting but came back from her meeting at 12:00. Aidan had a half birthday celebration and we watched  PSY and Mc Hammer's performance from the music awards.  On Tuesday we learned about atoms, electrons, and how they are important to electricity. We also watched a video about water powering electricity. 
When Wednesday came, we worked with decimals in money for math. Mrs.Rollins read us Snowflake Bently before Annie's mom came to help us make giant snowflakes by cutting geometric shapes. As Thursday came, we worked on our second narratives and continued to write and revise on the laptops. We also finished our book clubs and began a project called a Bloom Ball. We are showing what we know by writing our understanding on hexagon shapes and they will end up making a ball. Then, we had art and played with yarn making "Cat's Eye's." Today we ended our week with a great field trip to Longfellow house and the Historical Society. We also got "Team Time!" Mrs. Rollins put out some crazy props and we had a skit that we had to act out about getting off an island surrounded by sharks. We had five minutes to plan and we had to use all the props. This was called Improvisation. The teams did great! They were so funny!  
"Improvisation" How do we get off this island?
A shark! 
Great actors!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Blogger
Written by Chloe                       

On Monday we finished our read a loud Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher.  Mrs.Rollins showed us how to do a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast  Jeremy Thatcher and our last book Castle in the Attic. We compared themes.  On Tuesday we had guidance with Ms. Spellmen.  We played "capture the flag." We also tested out our vehicles in science. We tested how Force causes motion to have different speeds. We had a great day!
Wednesday we had gym with Ms. Pachuta and we played soccer. We also had our math unit 3 test. We continued to work in our reading clubs in the afternoon and again tested some more with our vehicles about friction. When Thursday came, it was awesome! We worked on decimals in math. We had art and we did clay. In the afternoon, we read and we went to the computer lab to type more of our second narratives. We wrapped up with a fun day on Friday. We worked with Mrs. Rollins to learn how to change fractions into decimals, which was really fun! Mrs. Rollins also shared with us how to share our writings with each other on our Google drives.  We will start doing this in January.

Testing force

How much force changes the speed of motion?

setting up

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

                     HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  We hope you enjoy your family and friends.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Blogger Jack
Written by Jack  V.                                 

I hope you all had a great 3 day weekend, I know I did. The start of the week was a little crazy, first we had guidance with Mrs. Spellman, we had a great time with her. After that we started fixing our narratives on the computers. Finally we got to find out what book club we were in and what books we were going to start reading. All of us were very excited about that! When Wednesday came, it came  early this week for us. To start, Wednesday off with a good note we worked with globes in math. We were learning how to use the globe scale and measure miles in distance from cities around the world.  After, we had gym with Ms. Pachuta and then we had chorus/4th grade hour. We were getting even closer to Friday.
      Thursday morning we worked with difference and total in math using large numbers and number models. Next, we had Art with Mrs.Weir. In the afternoon we did motion which was pushed over from Wednesday. Finally, the day was over and we were all excited for Friday( as usual) When Friday came we started with math. We did math boxes which was really fun for me and for others. We also typed our narratives and poems. We also earned our "Team Time!" Our challenge was to build an aircraft with different supplies in 7 minutes and then we would get three chances to fly our aircraft and log the longest flight time. "COOL!"So that was the crazy week in room 308 for us but it was also so much fun! I really hope you have a really good Thanksgiving, from me Jack V. Thanks for reading my post. See you all soon!
Testing flight

more testing

Friday, November 9, 2012

Written by Bridget
Blogger Bridget

This was one busy week!  

Monday was an exciting day, we finished our president research for our slide shows and we learned how to do a Pascal Triangle. It was hard at first but then we got the hang of it. Tuesday came quick after and it was the most exciting day because we voted! Barack Obama won. Every class had at least three states. We voted for them as if they were real votes and then we gave them to an electoral college representative to go vote. Mrs.Rollins picked names from a jar, and the ones that got picked went down to the gym. There was a voting center and you went inside and voted.  We also wrote a poem called, "If I ruled the world.
Jack V's Birthday
     Wednesday was one freezing day! We typed our personal narratives and are now working on editing. Thursday came second to last. It was the first snow fall! It was an exciting day for all of us and especially for Jack V. It was his birthday! He played Jingle bells on his  trumpet for all of us to hear. Last but not least, Friday came and we edited our narratives some more using BLUE, BLACK, RED and ORANGE marking pens. We did our spelling tests, had a sub in music named is Mrs.Ericson, and finished the day with our motion unit. All of us also got to meet with Mrs. Rollins and our parents to have a conference this week too. As you can see this was a busy week!

Motion Group work

Enjoying a great book!

Drawing our designs

Friday, November 2, 2012

Blogger Ian
Post written by Ian                                                                             
      This was a crazy week! On Monday we worked on a self-portrait drawing using symmetry. These will go on our cover of our portfolios. We also worked on typing our narratives. We looked for the conflict or problem in our read aloud and tested our knex vehicles for distance. Hurricane Sandy came on Tuesday and we got to stay home from school. When we came to school on Wednesday we worked on math facts and function machines.We also worked on our President slide shows.
     As Thursday came we worked some more on are president research and we learned about Pascal's triangle and many of us are working on solving a very large triangle.  Today we started our day with a writing assessment and then had more time to work on our slide shows to get ready for Tuesday. At the end of our day we had more fun with numbers. Mrs. Rollins taught us about "Palindromes."  We decided as a class to work through all the numbers on a hundreds chart and figure out what numbers were a 1 step, 2 step, 3 step, 4 step, 5 step, and 6 step palindromes.  We did discover that number 89 and 98 have more steps than 20. A few of us are still working the problem out.  We ended the day with a concert for Mrs. Rollins.  She wanted to hear how good we have gotten with our instruments.

Our class concert for Mrs. Rollins


Friday, October 26, 2012

Our blogger Sadie
Blog post by Sadie                       

    This week was busy, super fun!
On Monday we went to the Portland Symphony to hear music focused on Tchaikovsky, it was so cool! Our school book fair also started on Monday along with it being Blake's birthday which we celebrated with a dance party. Tuesday arrived and we went on another field trip but this time we went to the Portland Art Museum and focused on Winslow Homer. We had great volunteers who were Charlotte's mom and Nicole's dad.
Science and Knex vehicles
    When Wednesday( hump day) came,  we started our "Motion and Design" science unit by trying to design cars that could move one hundred centimeters and be balanced, out of Knex. We talked about design and weight being important. On Thursday we went to art class and we used pictures of our favorite places in Maine to copy by painting in water color. We also completed our unit 2 math assessment and got ready for unit 3 by practicing our multiplication and division facts. Best of all, we started our president slide shows. We are designing slide shows to teach about a president but only using funny or unusual facts. It's been really funny!  Friday came fast and we had a chance to start typing our narrative pieces, work on our knex vehicles, and we earned another "Team Time" challenge. Our challenge was to build the tallest tower using graham crackers, raisins, pretzel sticks, a few marshmallows and whipped cream. We had two minutes to plan and five minutes to build and then measure the height. It was harder than we thought!  The whipped cream melts! This week was super fun!!!                                
Motion design

Team challenge...Yum!

Blake's Birthday!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Our Blogger Loey
Post written by Loey

     On Monday we started our week with studying character traits in our novels and also began looking at finding a Theme of a book or message that the Author is trying to tell the reader. We also finished our wonderful read-a-loud and could not wait to see what book Mrs. Rollins would pick out next.

Working together
      By Tuesday a lot of us  finished our partner reading novels and were beginning to choose new ones. We continued working on our narrative writing too.  In the middle of the week our class was focusing really hard on descriptive writing and more on similes. We also had a chance to do a few quick writes this week. Everybody loves a quick write.  Those were focused on sensory descriptive writing.  Some people read a loud and they were awesome!  On the second to last day Mrs.Rollins announced that we  would be going to the computer lab to work on our president slide shows so we could begin to get them ready for election day when we would be sharing them. As we finished up we were able to work on a jazzy game called Timez Attack.  Last of all we finished our work with a spelling word quiz. We ended our week with a dance party for Max's birthday and then earned "Team Time."  Our challenge was to build with 3 paper clips, 2 straws, a piece of paper, 5 toothpicks, and an index card a contraption that could hold an egg while hanging from a hook off of a yard stick.  We had 5 minutes to complete the task and make it work without the egg splattering to the ground. It was awesome!                            
A successful build!
Happy Birthday Max!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Our blogger Blake
 Written by Blake                                   

 Monday was a holiday and a day off! Tuesday was our first math NECAP test and a great time in Guidance with Mrs.Spellman. On Wednesday we had gym and played a lot of fun games with Ms. Pachuta.We also we had 4th grade hour as well as continued our NECAP tests.Thursday came and we had art class and finished our tree drawings. We also worked on finding the mean, median, and mode of a group of numbers. Mrs. Rollins also had us pick our Presidents to research and prepare to make a slide show about. On Friday we had music with Mrs.Troy because Mrs.Renton was at a meeting. We also worked some more on our narrative writings and ended our day with partner reading and had a short dance party to celebrate Natalie's birthday. We had a busy week!
Happy Birthday Natalie!

Helping with revision writing