Friday, January 12, 2018

Happy Friday!
We started our week in Writer's Workshop with a focus on persuasive/editorial writing. We looked at samples of a persuasive writing and focused on the structure as well as how important the thesis statement is in this piece of writing. As a whole class, we brainstormed changes or concerns we have about our school community and the town of Yarmouth. Students spent a few days discussing their thesis ideas and working on a planning organizer to help them plan their writing, paragraph by paragraph.
Next week we will look at how to add a counterclaim to their writing as well as facts to support their claim.

In Reader's Workshop, we continued our study of the theme in a piece of literature. We discussed how we focus on the growth of a character through a story and the lesson they learned. We also talked about the "me" message or the lesson that the author gave us, what stuck with you at the end of the story? Students continued their study of character development in a story with a focus on character traits. We shared our learning with these character traits in a letter format in our Reader Notebooks. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Happy Friday!

Snow days and below freezing temps controlled our week but we were able to stay focused and get some work done.

In Reader's Workshop, we began our unit on finding the "theme" in the books we read. We focused our short week on knowing the difference between plot and theme. We read many picture books to find the theme and lesson the author may have been teaching through the actions of the main character. We will continue to practice with short stories before we tackle novels.
Indoor recess fun

We started reading samples of editorial/persuasive writing essays to prepare to write our own essays in Writer' Workshop. Students will be writing about issues, concerns, or ways to better their community. We discussed how important the persuasive writing skill is in their adult working life and how these writings are used in many careers. Next week we will begin to brainstorm and organize their thoughts for writing. 
Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, December 21, 2017

Our week started with a trip to The Gulf of Maine Institute. What a wonderful morning full of inquiry and scientific learning about the wonders in the Gulf of Maine. Students had fun in simulator games as a fisherman, discovering the wonderful plankton collected that morning and viewed through microscopes, and holding and measuring and learning all about our lobster life in Maine. Please see all of the photos below. 

We also had a special visit from two students from Kenya. They shared with the students about their home country and how our countries are similar and different. Their ending message to the students was to take advantage of all the wonderful educational opportunities that we have in the United States as many countries do not have those same opportunities.

We continued our work on Figurative Language by designing artistic posters focused on personal photos and writing figurative language about those photos to show what we know.

We ended our week with a visit from our 8th-grade buddies and the planning of our "Gift of Self" project. More information is coming home with your child.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Sharing our writing
Happy Friday!

Our Writer's Workshop week started with putting last-minute editing changes in place on our personal narratives. The students have worked hard at being critical analyzers of their own work. They have strived to keep their short writing focused on a seed moment and not a watermelon as well as breaking down their writing to form proper paragraph breaks. 

A large focus of their narrative work was spent on sensory imagery, figurative language use, and use of dialogue in order to help the reader see the moment. These skills are new and difficult for 5th-graders. This writing piece was more about trying these new skills versus having a long story.

By Friday, we had an opportunity to share our success with both the Dolphin and Geese classes together. Students shared their work and commented on the use of figurative language in each other's work. Students will be bringing a copy of their story home to share with you today.

In Reader's Workshop, we continued our practice of inferencing or as we sometimes say, "reading between the lines." Students responded in their Reader's Notebooks about the inferencing they practiced from their independent reading books.

On Friday we met with our 8th-grade buddies and
spent time on, "Hour Of Code." designing
logos for Google and HMS.
Mon. Dec. 18-Field Trip to Gulf of Maine Institute 8:05-11:45
Tues. Dec 19.- Math team and 5th Intramurals canceled.
Wed. Dec. 20- Science club and Intramurals 2:50-4:20pm.
Thurs.Dec. 21- Writing club 2:45-4:00pm.
Fri. Dec. 22-  Holiday Break starts at 2:45

Friday, December 8, 2017

Happy Friday!
This week we are sharing a few pictures of student work from our Reader's Notebooks. Since our notebooks do not go home in order to keep the work authentic, we have included a handful of our lessons from this trimester. Following those pictures, there are a few pictures to highlight our narrative writing mini-lessons. Students are putting the finishing touches on these pieces of writing and will have them completed soon to share.
Mon. Dec 11- 5th-grade concert, YPAC 6:30pm
Tues. Dec. 12- 8:05-11:45 Rollins/Smith Field Trip
Tues. Dec. 12 & 13- 5th-grade intramurals cancelled

Writing about setting

Setting and its importance to the story

Character traits
Writing about our reading
Inferencing= What the book says and what my schema knows
Figurative Language
Reading for figurative language

Finding figurative language in our independent reading.
More Inferencing
letter writing about independent reading
Writing poetry with personification

Writer's Workshop Work:
mini-lessons with our narrative writing process
Organizing our thinking

Trying Great leads for our stories

Descriptive Writing

More lessons on Showing and not telling

Partner Revision work

Editing work with partners

Finding great descriptive writing in our novels



Friday, December 1, 2017

Writers at work
Happy Friday!

Our Fifth-grade scholars were busy working this week on their narrative writing pieces in Writer's Workshop. Our mini-lessons focused on writing believable dialogue, punctuating dialogue, and showing emotions in your writing versus telling. Students worked and revised with partners and groups to help each other choose new vocabulary and figurative language.

Our Reader's Workshop mini-lessons focused on inferencing skills. 
We continue our work on making inferences about our reading and quoting our books to support our thinking. This is a difficult and new skill for fifth-graders but one they will be expected to know and use as they grow as students through high school.

We started a new read aloud, Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher by Bruce Colville. This is a short fun fantasy with a big moral theme that will take us to the Holiday break. Check-in with your child about the adventures of Tiamet.
Inferencing group work
* No Intramurals next Wed. Dec. 6 due to a basketball game.
* Don't forget to sell your "Sunrise Coupon" books. This fundraiser helps our school to afford many 
wonderful opportunities for our students. Our goal, one sell per student.