Saturday, March 23, 2019

Happy Friday!
What a wonderful Day! Colonial Craft Day was a success with all the help of our parents and the fantastic participation of all of our students. Thank you to all.

The students were laughing, sharing, helping, playing, and making great 5th-Grade memories.


Friday, March 15, 2019

Happy Friday!
Explorer Note taking

Our week flew by with our focus on Explorer research and note-taking. We continued our lessons on finding the important information in non-fiction reading and taking notes in our own words. Many students ended the week ready to take their notes next week and turn them into paragraph form to use in their final projects. 

There are three choices for students to present their projects to the class. One choice is a technology project using "Keynote." This is popular as it is similar to a slide show but with many more options using animation and motion in the project. Choice number two is for students to become their explorer and create large scale postcards with artful drawings and letter writing telling about their travels. The last option is a free choice. Students can let their imaginations go to work on how they want to teach the class about
Indoor recess fun!
their explorer and what that presentation will look like with permission from Mrs. Rollins.

We finished our read aloud this week and will begin a new one next week. By the end of Wolf Hollow, students had discussions about how our actions and words affect others and the importance of honesty. This book did not end happy but was a great tool for some wonderful class discussions about asking adults for help.
In our new read aloud, we will continue to look at the theme of a story and how we use our inferencing skills when we read.
* Colonial Craft day is next Friday, Mar. 22
* Students should be putting together an outfit and collecting
   a baby food jar.
* Look for an email from Mr. Smith and Mrs. Rollins next week 
   about optional conference sighn-ups.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Happy Weekend!

Hello Parents,
Students are completely immersed in Exploration research and project design for their explorer. When Exploration comes to an end, we will be in the New World and Colonial living.

As Colonial Craft Day approaches, this weeks blog has a few reminders:

1. Please click here

To let us know if your child will be eating the authentic Colonial Lunch Family style with teachers and friends or if they will bring their own colonial style lunch.

2. Colonial style clothes for your student:


    Dear Parents,
Colonial Craft Day is March 22 and fast approaching. We’ve been discussing in class the many ways to put together a costume for the day. The boys' costume pictured was created for $4. Any pair of dark pants will do with a pair of long sports socks pulled up and over the pant legs. If you have a pair of old pants, you could cut them off just below the knees and pull the socks up over the short pants. A large old white dress shirt with some ruffles glued to the sleeves and an old vest. Sometimes the best place to look is in Dad’s closet. The hat was off eBay for $3, though not necessary.
     Below are pictures for girls. We discussed any dress or skirt and blouse will work. Many girls wore dresses and layered a white blouse over the top with an apron around the waste. Aprons can be made out of an old pillowcase with ties sewn or glued on to tie around the waist. A kitchen apron works great too! Some girls even made their own mop hats with an old piece of fabric, glue, and elastic. Directions for a no-sew mop hat can be found online. Of course, girls do not need a hat and can choose to have braided pigtails and bows. Many students from last year visited the local Goodwill stores and found some great options for skirts and blouses.
Please do not feel the need to spend any money. Students were encouraged to go through closets and see what they can put together or create. Borrow from a neighbor or maybe a friend from 6th grade. Most importantly, have fun with this!
Mrs. Rollins & Mr. Smith
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 9.00.39 AM.png
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 8.42.47 AM.png

Friday, March 1, 2019

Working Together
Happy Friday!

Our week was filled with reading, reading, and more reading.
We started our week with an introduction to new vocabulary words that go with our Exploration unit. Students spent time working together to explore these new words. We also spent time learning how to read a non-fiction article on explorers. We discussed looking at pictures first followed by reading captions and any maps or graphs. The kids were shocked at how much you can learn before you even read the article. In addition, we learned how to take boldfaced headings in articles and turn them into questions. These questions can then lead our reading of the article and we know what the important points are. 
Guest Readers

By mid-week, students received their explorer that they will research, note take, and complete a project on to present to their classmates. They will have their choice of how to present and put together a final project.

We ended our week with "Read Across Yarmouth Day." Our school celebrated this day with community members coming into classrooms to read their favorite book or excerpts of their favorite book to the students. Our guests shared why they chose these books as well as how important reading has been in their lives.

This week was also an important week for email notes to parents. You should have received an email referring to volunteers for Colonial Craft Day, sign-ups for volunteering supplies for Colonial Craft Day, and details to create a Colonial Craft Day costume. If you did not receive these emails, please let me know.
Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, February 15, 2019

  Our week in pictures...
Exploration and Inquiry Questioning 

Brainstorming Exploration questions

Literary letters analyzing character traits in our independent reading books.


Global Play Day- Physical Play

Global Play Day-Builders

Global Play Day- Gamers

Global Play Day- Artists

Global Play Day- Comedy Play
                 Snow is falling and books are calling...
                        See you on Monday, Feb. 25

Friday, February 8, 2019

Student essay topics
Happy Friday!

In Writer' Workshop students completed the editing of their persuasive essays, printed and turned in.  There were many proud faces of accomplishment around the room. Your children have strong thoughts about their community and how to better the world we live in. 
Next week we will take a writing break before we start our Explorer research and writing project. 

We will begin our Exploration unit in the library next week with the students questioning and exploring their background knowledge of exploration. They will visit stations with paintings of important events in exploration, study the pictures and question what they see. These questions will then turn into their research ideas when we begin independent projects after the winter break. This project is our kick-off of Social Studies and Language Arts studies through the spring.

In Reader's Workshop, we are writing literary letters discussing character traits of characters while including evidence quotes from our books to create strong supportive thinking and inferencing. We also began a unit study on "Theme" in stories. We began with a wonderful picture book title, Mr. Peabody's Apples. This book has a very strong theme about how gossip hurts and can never be fully repaired once it has happened. It is a great message for middle schoolers. Once we have more practice finding the theme of a short story, we will start to apply our knowledge to our larger independent books in the coming weeks. 

We also shared in the fun and celebration of Harry Potter Week in the library. Students moved from station to station crafting, playing games, and testing their Harry Potter knowledge. Thank you Mrs. Castonia, Ms. Stuhr, and Mrs. Weinrich for your hard work on this wonderful event.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Peer Revision
Happy Friday!
The students are working hard to complete their Persuasive essays as we near the end of our unit. This week was spent revising with partners, color coding their writing to see that they had all the parts of their essay in order, and finally editing their work. Next week we will print our final writing pieces before sharing our wonderful work with classmates. These pieces of writing will come home in the purple folders in a few weeks. 

Our next writing unit will combine with Mr. Smith and our social studies unit on "Exploration." In Social Studies, the kids are beginning their unit on exploration and the discovery of the New World. We will combine this work as students will be assigned an explorer to research, take notes, write an essay, and create a slide show presentation teaching their classmates about their explorer. We will introduce this work before winter break and begin the work when we return.

Our read aloud, Wolf Hollow finds our main character, Annabelle, being cruelly bullied by her classmate, Betty. Not only is Betty bullying Annabelle, but she is also harming friends close to Annabelle just to get to Annabelle, In our class discussions, we are talking about why someone does these behaviors, and how Annabelle is slowly learning that not talking to your parents when you have a problem, can cause things to get even worse. During this read aloud, we are focusing on the different types of themes in a story and how "theme" and "plot" are not the same thing. Stay tuned...

We ended our week with a visit with our 8th-Grade buddies. We shared our "Gift of Self" projects and discussed how our world would be different if everyone gave a Gift of Self.
Have a wonderful weekend!